Kurt and Danell Ruch

 "This company was so informative. They came prepared to solve the problem within a couple hours from my call. No hidden fees, straight forward, affordable, friendly.We really appreciate your company!" 

Heather E

 "Thanks so much Chris for coming out right away and removing all 30 POUNDS of bee' said it was one of the largest you have seen (hives)!! Many blessings and looking forward to some honey!!" 


 "Thank you for the quick and efficient service. I called yesterday morning regarding bees under my back patio. I was able to get scheduled in for later in the evening. The problem was taken care of timely and inexpensively. No additional fees were added and I was given a 72 hour guarantee. 

Nancy S

 "My experience with Bee Bustin far exceeded my expectations. My exterminator pointed out a large hive on the back of my house and recommended Bee Bustin. They responded that day, came out the next and removed the entire swarm for a very reasonable price. They followed up and even made recommendations as to how I could prevent the bees from returning. I highly recommend Bee Bustin!"  

Linda P

 "Arizona Pest Control gave me referral for Bee Bustin this morning when contractor who was power washing roof alerted me@ 8:30 that he had found BEES.....Bees and combs gone and roof patched BEFORE 10:30. Roof treatment continues as planned.
Amazing, courteous, professional service...." 

Moe C

 "Excellent and fast customer service. Professional and kind, I recommend their service to anyone with a bee problem. Also, very knowledgeable and keep you informed of the process every step of the way." 


Buster P

 "I am a long time customer of Bee Bustin. They are great folks who do a bang up job and do it right. I recommend them all the time for exterminator work.The honey produced is very tasty and perfect for cooking and baking too!" 

Todd B

 "I would recommend Bee Bustin to anyone with a bee removal need. They were caring and amazingly responsive. They had our bee problem solved within an hour of calling them. Great service from a great business!!" 

Neil Simman


"Our Daughter was planting some flowers on our back patio, and noticed several bees interested in the plants. She looked up and was shocked to see a swarm of bees clustered around a patio ceiling fan. Bee Bustin came out within a few hours of our call and removed the danger."

You guys Rock!

Todd Baker

"I would recommend Bee Bustin to anyone with a bee removal need. They were caring and amazingly responsive. They had our bee problem solved within an hour of calling them. Great service from a great business!!"

Bonnie S

 "We belatedly discovered bee activity at an eave-corner outside a seldom-used room on a Sunday. Although we were unable to contact Bee Bustin that day they managed to squeeze us into a full schedule first thing Monday morning. Bee Bustin specializes in bees & also run a honey farm; their preference is live removal - a good reason to choose them over a general exterminator. However, the polite & efficient young technician discovered by means of a thin probe that the bees were already making honey & therefore had to be killed. He used an insect-specific pesticide harmless to vertebrates, & sealed off the bees' entry-point. The cost for the initial service was $150. Cari Lynn at the office explained in clear detail why it was advisable to have the honeycomb removed the next morning. Although this cost an additional $400, the technician did such an excellent job of removing a high square section of the exterior wall, extracting an impressive sack of honeycomb, honey & dead bees (about 30 lbs-worth), then replacing and re-stuccoing the patch (as well as washing away honey that had streamed down overnight), that we considered it a fair price. All our many concerns, whether by phone or online, were responded to promptly and courteously. In addition, we received a followup call to make sure the situation had been dealt with completely and satisfactorily, which it had. Very nice people, expert work. We highly recommend them." 

Peggie T.

"Late yesterday afternoon a swarm settled on the side of my house. I left a message with Bee Bustin for help. She called me first thing in the morning and set up an appointment for the morning. Within 1 1/2 hours he was here to remove my bees. I love them as they did a live removal, careful not to hurt the bees. This way the bees will still live to help nature and I am bee free. I would not hesitate to call them again or recommend to anyone with bee problems. They also took care of my sister's property. Thank you again for your speedy help and friendly service. Go BEE BUSTIN"


Kat L.

"If you have a bee issue, look no further! These are the absolute best people for the job. Helpful, friendly, professional, and most importantly reactive. I must of called around town to half a dozen different places who told me they couldn't come to my home until the next day (honestly - its bees, I have a small child and dogs in my house and everyone seem to think waiting was okay, Not here - no way. I called Bee Bustin and they were out to me within the hour. The Tech was knowledgeable and professional but also honest. There is no pressure here - they give you an honest assessment and leave it up to you. Best part, I was able to purchase local honey after all was said and done (unfortunately I'm already out and need more but that's a simple call) #beebustinhoney"

Morgan M.

"Bee Bustin did an amazing job ensuring that all the bees and honeycomb were removed completely. Our bee keeper took the time to thoroughly explain what needed to be done and was incredibly nice. When he was done, he even pulled some honeycomb back out to show my kids what it looked like and the different stages of the larva. I will recommend them to everyone I know! Super kind and very thorough." 

Laura J

" I had no idea I had a bee hive until 2 weeks ago when Cox Cable was working at my house and told me! I called Bee Bustin yesterday and they came today. Appreciate the quick response! Jake, my bee specialist, was pleasant, polite and proficient. He took care of the busy bees who, apparently, have been in my shed for probably a year! He took a photo of the honeycomb under the shed's floor. Impressive little guys but I'm glad they're gone. "

Maureeen M.

"They are awesome, friendly, and amazing. I enjoyed sitting next to them all night at the Marana Holiday Tree Lighting Festival"

Tatiana T H

"I called them yesterday morning and Sadie, the office person said she could send the technician out within the hour. The bees had a nest under our metal shipping/storage container located in front of a 3-unit rental and we were very concerned about the tenants getting stung. Although I would have liked to save the bees, their hive was just too difficult to get to sorry to say. We are pleased with Bee Bustin!"

Lisa F.

"Bee Bustin provided excellent, same day, service. Jeremiah was very kind and worked hard to remove all of the honeycomb from our attic. I would highly recommend to everybody!"