" Wow. Jeremiah was friendly, professional, and did a great job. We are very pleased with the service and will share the Bee Bustin contact info with anyone who asks! Very impressed, and appreciative. "
Live Bee Removal

We offer live removal on swarms, clusters of bees hanging from trees, eaves, etc. Some newer infested hives can be removed live. Remember, we live in Southern AZ and a majority of our feral bees are Africanized. Safety is our #1 concern

Honey Comb Removal

Removal of honey comb and organic debris on any accessible cavity.


Our patented technology was created to trap migrating swarms before they move into undesirable areas.

honey, bee, water
Water Treatments

BEES ON POOLS, FOUNTAINS OR ANY OTHER WATER SOURCE? We specialize in tracking hives that are using a water source on your property. We also provide a non-toxic treatment to your water features to protect you and your loved ones from bees and wasps..

the hive, wasps, combs

What can we say, they suck and we remove them.

bee, dead, pesticide

Extermination of established colonies.

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