What is trapping?

These Swarm traps are to catch swarms of bees looking to make a home on the property. This patented product uses an artificial pheromone that catches the swarm in locations away from active areas of people and animals for a safe and effective removal.
Yes, this is LIVE removal for relocation. We are saving the bees when this technique is used.
After removal of a full trap, an empty one is put in its place to continue catching swarms.

The full box is taken to one of the many bee yards. The bees are then relocated to standard beekeeping equipment to start their lives in a controlled and maintained setting.
After changing their genetics from Africanized angry bees to a more tolerable and desirable domesticated honey bee, some of these hives are then sent all over the country for pollination, while others stay in our beautiful desert to produce our wonderful honey for Life’Sweet Honey Farms.

This service includes:

  • Unlimited service calls for trap infestations.
  • A full warranty on the property for Honey Bee Swarms & Infestations only, at no additional charge.
  • A chance to help us Save the Bees!

Receive $10.00 off when you bundle 2 or more services! Contact us to learn more! 

" Great turn around time to come out, nice workers and thorough job done. "
Crystal G.
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